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"I feel comfortable being myself and I enjoy being a member of the Small Hands Family" - November 15, 2022

Educating Children - Engaging Families - Enhancing the Community - Empowering Employees

You're invited to participate in our extensive list of benefits, incentives, and perks as you grow in your career.  Embrace the opportunities for continuous professional development, annual raises and more:

Paid Time Off

Medical, Health & Wellness

Planning and Professional Development

Reviews & Incentives

And what else...

Small Hands Big Dreams provides a fun, flexible, family focused atmosphere with a team who will intentionally help your professional growth. We provide a comprehensive orientation as well as continuous training. You will also receive an abundance of recognition and encouragement.

Appreciation & Recognition

Large Net of Support

Individualized Training

When you join our team, it is more than just a job. You join a family--a group of people who support you and help you grow. You become a part of a group of coworkers who turn into friends and a team of difference makers. You will be bonded by purple!

Core Values

Core Value: a belief that guides a firm's actions, unites its employees and defines its brand 

Do these words resonate with you?

We live our core values daily to provide the best care & atmosphere for our families and coworkers!

Join our team and let these core values drive you in your career!

Culture & Atmosphere

We asked our staff what they love about their job and about our company and this is a word cloud composed of their answers. When you join our team, you can look forward to fun-filled days with supportive colleagues who quickly feel like an extended family, while you pursue your passion of making an impact on our future!

Core Conversations

Each year, our Owner and Employee Success Manager sit down with each employee for a one-on-one conversation to discuss:

C: their ideas and aspirations for their career

O: feedback and suggestions regarding our operations

R: creating and strengthening their relationships

E: ensuring quality of our environments

This is just one of many “extra” benefits you receive when you choose to join the SHBD family.

We strive to live our core values every day in every way. Our core values define how we work together, problem solve, make decisions, teach, and so much more. We want to also help instill these awesome character traits in our children from the very beginning--we teach our core values to our kids and help them understand what they mean. 

Why are we "the Purple School"? Well, yes, you will see purple on the walls, the chairs, your apron, your t-shirt...but it goes beyond that. Our purple unites us. 

It is about the relationships made within our purple walls. 

It is about the experiences created during these first most important years of the children's lives. 

Our families choose us for our family friendly atmosphere from the moment they walk in our doors and continue to remember us after their little ones graduate in their purple hat and gown. We value the trust, the friendships, and the privilege of being a part of these precious memories

When you join our Small Hands Big Dreams family, you will be bonded by purple. 

So, what should you expect as a teacher at Small Hands Big Dreams Learning Center?

Once you are a member of the team, you will experience a comprehensive training program to help get acclimated to the company and your classroom. This will be a mix of computer-based training as well as plenty of classroom time getting to know your co-workers and children. You will be given time for observations and interactions before you are left in ratio. This will help get you started on the path to success with Small Hands Big Dreams. You will continue to learn and grow with the support and modeling of your Training and Curriculum Coordinator.  

A typical day for one of our lead teachers looks a little like this:

It is true that at the end of the day, you might feel tired-- but your heart will be filled with joy from all that you accomplished. This is what PASSIONATE CUSTOMER FOCUS is all about. Make their day...every day.

Our families that rely on us expect their teachers to not only be a great educator, but also a great resource, communicator, and top-notch caregiver they fully trust. All of this sets us apart from our competitors, in addition to the all-inclusive program offerings and access to cameras in the classroom.

When you apply with Small Hands Big Dreams, you will experience a fun, interactive process to ensure you understand the job as well as our culture. 

Job Expectations

Customer Focus & Passion

Creativity & Energy

Organization & Resourcefulness

Integrity & Excellence

A Peek Inside

Why Choose Small Hands Big Dreams Learning Center?

Why people join our team...

Our teachers have the heart and passion to be part of a team of difference makers in a fun, family friendly environment. You can feel our positive, warm atmosphere from the moment you enter our doors. Some of our teachers are even Small Hands Big Dreams Learning Center alumni who have come back to their SHBD family to help in creating bright beginnings for children like themselves. #BondedbyPurple

"When I first came in for my interview, I was impressed with how friendly and welcoming the HR team and staff were to me."

"The center was clean and presentable."

& Why they stay...

We keep in touch with our employees through an open door policy and every day communication. We also provide our employees the opportunity to give their feedback through surveys, 1-on-1 conversations, and within our communication app. The feedback we hear the most often about what our Employees love about Small Hands Big Dreams is:

Family atmosphere, Fun, 

Relationships,  Recognition and Appreciation

More Quotes from our Employees

Monthly Family Engagement & Events


Company Party

Staff Get Togethers

Health & Wellness Competitions

Book Club

Spirit Days

Holiday Fun

Are you ready to be bonded by purple?

"I believed I could change the world, so I became a teacher!"